Wrath of the Titans

Is it worth watching in 3D?

3do Depth was pretty good. Also, the debris, particles and smoke/clouds made the 3D experience much more worthy.

by Ivan Fuentes Hagar

3do Forget the story, But the 3D was amazing, made the guy behind me throw away his pop corn when the rocks were falling

by bizzy

3do this movie is better in 3D than 2D. the rare 3D movie that made me lean back in my seat

by chris

3dont The 3D is a billion times better than the last one.. but.. its too Subtle.. the few times i noticed it was near the end with the lava flying at you. It has depth but theres a very small range to that depth.. The way most of it was shot the majority of sequences don't have a strong foreground or anything really interesting far in the background.. it all happens in the center..

by Ollie

3dont Ok, I don't think anyone is going to argue that the reamke (I refuse to use the term "first one") was a flaming piece of shit. They had no right to do what they did to one of my fav fantasy/mythic movies of all time. I am a huge fan of the original but . . . well anyway. I will actually watch this. Why? I actually liked the reamke in so much if they had titled it anything but Clash of the Titans. Like even. . . Bash of the Titans would have worked for me. It's like trying to make Crows with Brandon Lee it just never worked the same again. This one might be fairly entertaining (in mindless action sort of way) since it will be using its own script and idea.

by Canercan