Is it worth watching in 3D?

3do It was DEFINITELY worth the 3D, what are people talking about?! A stellar transfer.

by Lee

3do It was awesome....

by Debora

3do Depth: 1 Star Pop-Out FX's: None Brightness: 1 Star Blurriness: 1 Star Health: 1 Star Total: 4/5 Stars= All Good!

by Louis

3do Best 3D conversion I've seen.

by Richard Colavita

3do Very impressive transfer, great color resolution and depth - on Blu-ray 3d fantastic.

by Bryan McHaffey

3do Go for it! Go for it! Go for it!

by Don

3dont i watched just now in imax 3d experience , but i even don't have to wear the glass..... i don't know why but it looks no different

by deep

3dont Why bother rewatching this in 3D? its just an upconversion of an old sappy movie!

by Narf