The Hobbit

Is it worth watching in 3D?

3dont The 3D wasn't detracting, but I don't think it added much to be worth an extra cost. I want to see the 2D version to compare. The high framerate added quality and detail that is usually missed/blurred, but at times at the expense of cheapening sets/makeup/effects. It was strange at first, but I did get used to it a little way in. Definitely can see how some may get distracted or even feel sick from the extra motion detail. I'd say it's worth the experience in 48fps, go 3D if you don't mind the glasses but you won't miss anything in 2D.

by Nate

3dont Unfortunately, the IMAX theater I went to did not have this in high frame rate... I should have done my research beforehand! I didn't feel like the 3D made the movie any better, and at the regular framerate it made the action scenes choppy.

by Devin

3dont This movie did not need to be in 3D at all. the 3D had its moments but was as boring as this movie.

by chris

3dont I was very disappointed!

by Richard Colavita

3dont Actually, the 3D effects were just on par/average but due to the length time of the film, I would say no to 3D. Better to be enjoyed in 2D for the first part of The Hobbit.

by Don

3dont Have to agree trying to figure out the 3D parts wasted time and took away from the actual movie,still great though

by DT

3do Better 3D than The Desolation of Smaug

by R.

3dont Not even 1 single 3D effect on the whole movie. Total waste of money for 3d. Good story though.

by Anonym