The Amazing Spider-Man

Is it worth watching in 3D?

3dont The movie and story is great, beats the first attempt to make a spiderman movie, but it was the last 2 minutes or so that was any use for the 3d, even some of the hugh sceens where 3d should have been awesome lagged any real need for it. Stop making bad 3d movies ;)

by Bjarne

3do The 3D was a little disappointing but I've seen worse. 3D here was decent but, Prometheus and MIB3 are worth more than Spiderman in 3D

by chris

3do Good movie, very good 3D.

by Howard

3dont Good movie, but the 3D lacked any kind of wonder or magic. Setting it up to be the next best 3D movie sure didn't go well..hope 2 is better

by velfornia

3do Good movie (although I still prefer the first two Rami films), Great 3D

by Declan

3do Great Film in 3D please see it in 3d

by Philip

3dont True deception for the 3d . I own hmzt2 (3d vr headset) and the 3d was a bigggg deception ! ! The pirate was sick, tron too.. but this.. aww

by jeff

3dont Worst most disappointing 3D i've experienced. looks and feels converted, in a reallly bad way. was my my MOST anticipated 3d film but failed on all accounts. every moment to take advantage of of some really great 3d is wasted and completely mistreated. that last shot? embarrassing, underwhelming. AWFUL.

by DD

3dont Worse 3D i have ever seen!

by R.

3dont The last 3 minutes was the only time you needed the glasses. Big disappointment!

by Richard Colavita

3dont This movie was not shot in 3D. Only some parts were. I'm disappointed about 3D part. Come on Hollywood !!! Any superhero movies should be shot in 3D with pop out scenes.

by Mike