Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Is it worth watching in 3D?

3do Saw it in 2D luved it so took my baby girl back to see it again but this time in 3D. I can't believe it but it was 100 times better in 3D, There were a lot of 3D affects you will not be disappointed.

by Omar

3do One of the best 3D movies EVER MADE. And one of the funniest :)

by ronzo

3do I like to move it move it!

by Crazy guy

3do I was pleasantly surprised... it was a really fun movie. We laughed through the whole thing. Some of the circus scenes were really cool in 3D.

by Sarah

3do There is so much pop-out and depth!!!!!!

by Shit Head

3do Perhaps the coolest 3D effects ever made for an animated movie.

by Ognyan

3do Beautiful in 3d.

by T

3do I watched madagascar 3 in 3D in my television and it was awesome......

by Ashis

3dont It was horrible! the effects dont even come out right. I took my son and he threw up after the show! Neva will i watch Madagascar again without puking.

by BoBaLiNdA

3dont i did not seen the movie 2d or 3d i dont know what to pick

by someone