Jack the Giant Slayer

Is it worth watching in 3D?

3do I saw it in 3D and enjoyed it very much, would like to see it again.

by Howard

3dont I have just returned from having seen this film in 3D and was very disappointed. Having said that, my family thought it was fine. I also recently watched Oz, Great & Wonderful in 3D and again was left disappointed. I seem to be unable to see the 3D effect fully and am not sure if it is just me or do others find it difficult to see? However I have made a decision never to go to a 3D film again. I prefer the Blu-Ray format for home viewing due to the superior picture quality and I do not seem to be able to get this quality in a cinema.

by Alistair Campbell

3dont although has been filmed in native 3D, it is pointless to see with 3D technology

by Damocle

3do Its a bit nice in 3d but I expected more pop outs and stuff...unfortunately they failed to deliver it and there were lots of opportunities where they could have used it well.....

by abi