Is it worth watching in 3D?

3do The best 3D I have seen. This even topped Avatar, which is high praise indeed. It's like watching a whole now movie. Bravo!!!

by Richard Colavita

3do Yes. It's worth the 3D. This isn't the usual 3D film where the 3D is used for surprise pop out moments. The 3D is used to add depth and create space. There a couple of moments where the 3D is used incredibly effectively to reenforce the vertigo the main character is experiencing. Fabulous use of 3D. Not sure what the target audience is though. It feels like a kids film, but our son was bored silly. My wife and I enjoyed the film, but even we felt it dragged at times.

by Declan

3do Possibly the best use of 3D in a movie I have ever seen. Most 3D movies remind me of looking thru a toy View Master.

by Rebecca

3dont It didnt add much to the movie!!!

by FuzelTheGreat

3dont Not very good in 3D. Has a little 3D depth . Big deal !

by K