Is it worth watching in 3D?

3dont i watch it and its really dark,but still the 3D is good only for adult.

by theshadowX

3do First film I've ever seen in 3D and loved it, me and my bestie friend were holding hands the whole way through we were so scared! xxx

by Something Worlwind

3do I am always amazing at why 3d animated movies are just for kids. Tell it to Disney. This movie is very fun. Pixar is the king. Well Disney is doing amazing 3d and sound 7.1

by Mcmike

3do Fantastic film. The 3D is subtle but very well done. It ads depth without intruding on the film. Those expecting pop out moments will be disappointed. Those looking for a detailed depth landscape, with a truly 'real' feeling of depth will love it.

by Declan

3do Great colorful movie for kids or adults and great in 3d, very rich looking with excellent depth and beautiful scenes. The story is wonderful, not predictable and the characters are totally pixar...meaning...a riot to watch!! We want to be entertained, and we certainly are with Brave.

by Terri

3do Runing

by Negin

3dont super and fantastc,inceredible

by mehmet

3dont kids movie.For my daughter,there were a few "jump out at the audience" moments,but very few. She doesnt enjoy the graphics and "true 3d" nor do most kids. If this was an adult movie, I would say great 3d, but again, I think purpose of 3d for kids should be much different than 3d for adults.

by Stuart