Prometheus 3D Review:
Is it worth watching Prometheus in 3D?

Yes, it is worth seeing in 3D.

Despite the slightly dissapointing reviews, everyone is raving about the 3D in Prometheus. Definetly a 3do.

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  • 12

Beyond awesome, does justice to the Alien(s)/Prometheus universe. SPEND THE EXTRA SKRILLA FOR 3D, IMAX 3D IF POSSIBLE! Totally worth it.

  • 8

Nothing pops out at your face in this movie ... and that's a GOOD thing! Instead of just using it as a gimmick, they used to to add depth.

  • 7

I saw it in IMAX 3D and regular 3D. best seen in IMAX 3D. the spacing is natural

  • 6

Saw it in IMAX 3d, amazing well worth it! Only film since avatar that actually uses 3d to enrich the experience not a gimmick.

  • 5

No idea what people are saying about the 3d being not worth it. Nothing is FARTHER from the truth! The 3d effects inside the spaceship were mind blowing.

  • 4

The movie isn't worth seeing. But if you do, the 3D is well-done.

  • 4

Best 3D in a film to date.

  • 4

Loved this in 3D.

  • 4

Up there with Avatar as a great example of 3D at its best. James Cameron and Ridley Scott got monster movies right, and now get 3D movies right!

  • 3

Absolutely see this in 3D just for the first five minutes. Honestly, the rest of the movie was so poor that the 3D was its only redeeming quality.

  • 3

The second best display of what 3D can do to date. Second only to Avatar. Having said that it's an incredibly disappointing film and the old reason to see it is the spectacular 3D.

  • 2

3 DO! This is one of the best 3D live-action movies out there.

  • 1

The only point of seeing this movie is stereoscopy. If you don't want to see it in 3D, don't go see it, the movie itself sucks. The only way you might maybe slightly like this feature is by watching it stereoscopic.

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OK, who is in charge of this site as you have very contradictory views! the main page says "X3Dont" yet your remark states "Definetly a 3do". I aggree with the latter, the start at the waterfalls was outstanding and it was pretty decent stereo visuals through out...

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This is definitely one of the Best 3D films like out there like for real. In the beginning I was like wow and at the end I was like woah! The depth was like so natural.

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Totally worth it to see it on 3D. Some scenes were clearly made for 3D vieweing like the starmap scene is simply amazing in 3D.

  • -3

3D is good mate

  • -9

3D for the first 10 minutes. 2D for the rest. Definitely not worth it.

  • -10

Total waste of time watching in 3D!!!!

  • -11

Good movie, 3D was a waste of money for this one, though.

  • -14

There was nothing in the film that warranted the extra $$ for 3D - NOTHING. This film was not designed for 3D, not shot in 3D and looks like the studio must have converted it simply to amp up the financial prospects without a care toward enhancing the viewer's experience.

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