Men in Black III

Men in Black III 3D Review:
Is it worth watching Men in Black in 3D?

Yes, it is worth seeing in 3D.

As another upconverted movie, I don't recommend seeing it in 3D. Some people are saying that it was pretty good 3D, but others have gotten nauseated. I would go 2D with this one.

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For being converted the movie had great 3d

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i love the MEN IN BLACK IN 3D its better then the 2D thats for sure

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It seemed to be good 3d. But I would really think madagascar 3 is better from the previews it had things just popping out of the screen.

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the scene in the electronics store where the lasers pop out of the TV screens is alone worth the price of a 3D ticket

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Best use of 3D ever

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not worth it

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Only saw it in 3D. Was not that impressed with the effects. I got the sense that it would have been just as good, or better, in 2D.

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Yo a** be stupid if you went 2D. best 3D evaa!!!!

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Another convention when the studio felt over the top 3D was better. Sometime subtle is better. The depth is exaggerated to an extreme degree, many scenes felt forced and both my wife and I left the theatre with headaches. I would recommend against 3D - even though there is one great 3D moment in the electronics store.

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